Monday, November 11, 2013

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The Importance of Sponsors 

As the latest episode of the 'American Barn Stories' series is getting out there on PBS stations across the country (current list follows below), it's important to realize that the Sponsors help make it all possible. 

This new episode brings two new Sponsors to the series, Belgioioso Cheese and Wollersheim Winery, both located in Wisconsin, USA as well as returning Sponsors American Champion Aircraft, from small town Rochester, Wisconsin and Schroeder Log Home Supply, located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

When you think about it, the products these Sponsors offer individually would combine for a truly magical experience. Picture it, with the help of Schroeder Log Home Supply you can build that cozy log cabin off in the distant woods or mountains that you've always dreamt about,  

                          and with an airplane from American Champion Aircraft  

you can land on a remote back country airstrip to get there,

and once you're there you can kick back on the front porch and enjoy the view with some top quality wine and cheese from Wollersheim Winery and Belgioioso Cheese.    


         Hmmm, not so bad at all. In fact, things are pretty much spot on -- excellent!


PBS Markets penetrated so far

Seventeen national PBS markets gained with another thirteen markets viewing screeners for consideration of air, and more after them as more phone calls and follow-ups go out.

HDCam Closed-Captioned Master recorded for air:

Chicago WYCC Channel 20

Milwaukee WMVS/WMVT Channels 10 & 36

Minneapolis Twin Cities Public Television/TPT

Illinois Public Media WILL-TV Urbana, Illinois

Iowa Public Television

Kansas City Public Television

Oklahoma Public Television 

Denver Pubic Television

Seattle Public Television

Western Michigan PBS WGVU

North Carolina PBS UNC-TV

New Orleans Public Television

Florida PBS stations: WEDU/Tampa, WGCU/Fort Myers, WEFS/Cocoa, WLRN/Miami  WDSC/Daytona


PBS Stations Viewing Screeners for Consideration of Air: 

KLRU Austin, Texas

Arizona/Phoenix PBS

Oregon/Portland PBS

Idaho PBS

Hawaii PBS

North Dakota/Fargo PBS

Pennsylvania/Bethlehem PBS 

South Carolina PBS 

Virginia/Richmond PBS

Nashville PBS

Georgia PBS

New Hampshire PBS

Cleveland PBS

Holy smokes, there is a total of 17 national PBS markets with the dubbed Master in-house for future air and another 13 markets viewing screeners for consideration of air -- not bad. And as mentioned above, more calls and follow-ups go out day to day and week to week, so these numbers will only grow as outreach to more markets continues -- stay tuned! And, if you don't see the show coming on your local PBS station, call them and ask for it -- they'll know what to do. Just be sure to tell them that you're looking for Episode #2 in the American Barn Stories series --- thanks!


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 More otherwise

Art the Farmer is facing the list of things to get done as the cold months take hold. The big truck still needs a few things done, there's the switch to order for the space heater in the kitchen, there's animals to tend to and the many more other things that any farm and farmer has to take care of as Winter approaches. I'll keep his news and story coming as some people tell me they enjoy keeping tabs on him and hearing about how he's doing

Here's a pic of the back end of the big truck sitting in the big shed.     

The loader tractor in front of the big shed -- 1951 Farmall M

Art and farmer neighbor friend Billy stacking some bales last season. A full wagon ends up being around 100 bales or so.

  OK -- all for now -- more later -- thanks for clicking in -- hope you all have a great week!

              Tom and Art the Farmer