Thursday, November 14, 2013

  NOTE: Am trying to fix the light type challenge -- this is a follow up test post

How to 'Follow this Blog' (and also how to 'Comment')



After much knocking around on it I think I have the 'Follow' options in working order for the blog. I know I've said that before, but at the moment more time spent on it has produced better results and we might be good to go overall -- a bit more time will tell for sure.

So what I want to do here is provide a quick primer on how you can 'Follow' the blog if you want to. The benefits of Following for you are that the posts will then automatically come to you and you will be 'in the loop', so you won't have to worry about missing any of the posts, or otherwise have to go to the trouble of searching for a link somewhere 'out there' on the web. It's not hard -- here's what you do.

Looking at the blog page above notice the 'Subscribe/Follow' option in the upper right area of the page and the 'Follow by email' option just below it. Here it is closer up -- and the 'Blog Archive' below it is just that -- an archive of live links to past blog posts.




You can 'Subscribe/Follow' to the the Posts or Comments sections shown below by clicking on either and then choosing one of the options that drop down. The options are the same for both and are for a few 'reader' platforms that take the blog feed and make it available to you.





If you already have a Yahoo account you can use that, just click their logo from the drop down menu as shown above and they'll take you from there. The other options are  for Netvibes and Atom and with a quick look at both, Atom seemed to be more straightforward  but I'm honestly not sure. As you explore feel free to get in touch through the 'Comments' section available at the bottom of each post(explained below) to pass along any info on your adventure -- thanks. I truly hope the process is easy enough that people aren't challenged by it and turned off, so let's see what happens. 


                     And then for the 'Follow by email' option, 




Type in an email address, hit 'Submit' and you'll go to  a screen to type in the security letters and the set-up process will go from there and it's not too bad.




For the feed delivery this blog is starting with Feedburner. Think of it as the vehicle that takes the feed from the source and delivers it directly to your computer via email as a Subscriber.

Why Subscribe?

If you Subscribe the benefits to you are that you are now, 'in the loop' and the blog is delivered right to your door, and you are thereby assured that you won't miss a post and otherwise won't have to go searching somewhere 'out there' on the web to try and find some link somewhere.  

So for those wanting to 'Follow', the steps above should make that happen for you and again, if anyone has any hang ups or challenges with it get in touch and we'll do our old barns best to help you out. 


And How To 'Comment' On This Blog

The 'Comments' section is at the bottom of each post and is more obscure than seems right, but oh well, here's what it looks like at the bottom of each post



and you just click on the '0 comments' spot and you'll be taken to a Comments page where you can add your inputs.



OK, I hope this info helps anyone having had challenges with these areas. Feel free to get in touch now that the lines seem to be open -- and you can also always use the 'Contact Us' page on the American Barn Stories website at!contact-us/c15n8    


Next Time  

There are a few things/subjects on the docket for  upcoming posts, including info on the three old barns shows available on DVD through Amazon. 

Hey, Christmas is coming, nice stocking stuffers!



You can find the shows at!shop/c161y   And notice the DISCOUNT for buying all three!


Alright then, more later, thanks for clicking in and talk to you all again real soon.