Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Save money in the American Barn Stories shop!

Having posted last evening I would not ordinarily be doing so again just 24 hours later, but  some of you will probably find this interesting as it's about SAVING MONEY!

Spreadshirt, the fulfillment company for the American Barn Stories shop, put out an email today offering 15% off of everything for the coming week of 11/19-11/24 so I wanted to let you all know about it -- it comes right off the top and is deducted at Checkout.  Maybe you can pick up an old barns sweatshirt/T-shirt thing or two that's just right for someone you know this Christmas!

At Checkout use the discount code WITHLOVE and the 15% will be automatically deducted.

         Click on the link below or Copy/Paste to Shop!


                     Or go to 'americanbarnstories.net' and click on the 'Shop' button

                          Any questions get in touch at americanbarnstories.net

                                  Yep, all good -- keep on -- more later on it all --