Friday, June 20, 2014

                Where have you been?

The Quick Story
 Actually, no none has asked me that. But in the meantime it's a good question and here's the simple answer in case you were one of the handful enjoying(?) my initial flurry of some 42 blog posts a while back that paused for a bit until now.

The simple answer is I just got busy with the other necessary tracks in life that take time and as a result the blog took a bit of a stand-down in the face of it all.

But along that way I've built up a few things to pass along in the coming bits of time that could be worth your time, including an in-edit piece on light pollution as well as the most recent news of a new Indiegogo campaign to try and generate some help and finishing funds for the next "American Barn Stories" program that I'm working on.

Here's the link to that campaign, please feel free to Share it and pass it along within your own network:

Along with the pitch for participation and help it features still pics from footage of an old fashioned barn raising with horses, footage of a barn quilt story from the Heartland and much more, including video of a fast-motion nighttime sequence of an old barn being moved in West DesMoines, Iowa after the high school kids pitched a fit about it being torn down to enlarge the athletic field at the school. 

Stay tuned for the details on the fundraising campaign as they play out over the coming 30 days and any help Sharing the link appreciated.

Along the way I've come across some great blogs that are worth passing along, including  one that profiles life on a Wisconsin dairy farm from the wife's perspective who was not a dairy farmer until marrying into the farm family and industry. 

She has embraced reaching out on behalf of farmers everywhere to help people understand what dairy farming is all about. She is currently very popular on the national speaking circuit on things related and you can find her blog here:  The Adventures of Dairy Carrie...I think I Need a Drink!

Another one is from an older farmer gentleman author-writer in Ohio who offers life- educated and country life opinions and thoughts. It is nothing other than absolutely pleasant, pleasing and kind in the face of him gently calling it like it is from years of life experience on the land.

His name is Gene Logsdon and you can find his missives here: The Contrary Farmer

Stay tuned

More coming later on it all -- thanks for clicking in -- sorry for the absence, it feels good to be tapping this one out. 

And please pass the Indiegogo link along -- here it is again:

Yep, all good,