Friday, November 22, 2013

Help bring the new old barns show to your local PBS station!

An earlier post had mentioned the PBS stations and markets penetrated/gained so far by the newest  'American Barn Stories' episode and also encouraged people/YOU to contact your local PBS provider to ask that the series be made available on your local PBS air.  

This post makes it easy for you to contact your local PBS stations across the country wherever you are in America -- CALL THEM -- numbers are available at the link below.  

Click on this link to find contact info for your local PBS station:

Do This
Call your local PBS station as per below and ask for 'Programming', be nice, have fun with it, rattle their cage on it, and tell them you want to see the, "American Barn Stories and Other Tales From the Heartlands" series on your local PBS station! 

And here's another link, Wiki, showing a state-by-state look at the PBS stations around the country -- it has no contact info, just markets info, but it's interesting if you're so inclined:

And if you're not in America, find the shows on Amazon at:!shop/c161y  and stay tuned, we're coming to Europe and the UK in the future!

Here's the list of PBS stations having taken on the HDCam Closed-Captioned Master so far with a couple of new additions (Urbana and Peoria, Illinois USA) and more coming:

PBS Markets penetrated so far

Seventeen national PBS markets gained with another thirteen markets viewing screeners for consideration of air, and more after them as more phone calls and follow-ups go out.

HDCam Closed-Captioned Master recorded for air:

Chicago WYCC Channel 20

Milwaukee WMVS/WMVT Channels 10 & 36

Minneapolis Twin Cities Public Television/TPT

Illinois Public Media WILL-TV Urbana, Illinois

Iowa Public Television

Kansas City Public Television

Oklahoma Public Television 

Denver Pubic Television

Seattle Public Television

Western Michigan PBS WGVU

North Carolina PBS UNC-TV

New Orleans Public Television

Florida PBS stations: WEDU/Tampa, WGCU/Fort Myers, WEFS/Cocoa, WLRN/Miami  WDSC/Daytona


PBS Stations Viewing Screeners for Consideration of Air: 

KLRU Austin, Texas

Arizona/Phoenix PBS

Oregon/Portland PBS

Idaho PBS

Hawaii PBS

North Dakota/Fargo PBS

Pennsylvania/Bethlehem PBS 

South Carolina PBS 

Virginia/Richmond PBS

Nashville PBS

Georgia PBS

New Hampshire PBS

Cleveland PBS 


Thank you 

Thanks for being one of the so many people who appreciate what our old barns have to offer and represent to us. Once they are gone they are gone forever and our local barn and farm family histories will disappear along with them. Let's keep on and do our best to capture as many old barns stories as possible while we still can --  thanks for your help with it along the way!

Wrap Up
These pics are from an old fashioned barn raising in Edgerton, Wisconsin USA a while back with a two-horse hitch team working to raise the bents. Watch for it in the next 'American Barn Stories and Other Tales From the Heartlands' program -- it was a great down-home day in America's Heartland!

 More later on it all, thanks for clicking in, and what fun, eh?

      Tom (and Arthur -- talked to him last night-- he's doing OK)