Thursday, November 7, 2013

Promoting the new show

As with any creative product, once the fun part of creating it is over the real work begins -- selling it! That's the hardest part for most creatives and what follows below is a copy/paste email piece I put together to send to old barn groups across the country to help promote interest in the whole platform and get the buzz going. God bless the internet for things like this. I'll include related information on any responses etc. over time, so stay tuned for that and more.

And Art the Farmer called last night just before midnight (he knows I'm up late every night working on things) to tell me about something coming up on TV he wants me to see and also that he and the renter got the job site all cleaned up from the tree work the other day with no incident, which is always good -- another chore done and off the list  :-)

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I'm putting the word out on the latest episode in my TV series, "American Barn Stories and Other Tales From the Heartlands", which could be on your local PBS station in the near future. If you don't see it on their upcoming schedule feel free to call them and ask for it! 

The first two shows back in '06/'07 penetrated almost 100 million national PBS house holds (TRAC Media Services). An initial program in '06 was titled, "Wisconsin Barns, Touchstones to the Past", the title of the next show was then changed to the 'American Barn Stories' theme to provide for a running series of episodes and related stories from anywhere in America. The 'American Barn Stories' title really says it all as the show features old barn and related stories that people have really enjoyed seeing. 

Please visit the website at  for information on the series, the blog, old barns merchandise and more. And also, please spread the word on it as the mission of the series is to participate in the overall national effort to help raise awareness and old barns-saving energy across the country!

Feel free to contact me with any related questions etc.,

Thank you and regards,

Tom E. Laughlin
Kovia Productions
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin