Thursday, December 26, 2013

     A Wisconsin Country Church Christmas


The Story 
Art the Farmer has told me about the Heart Prairie Lutheran Church in the past and on Christmas Eve this year we made it to the 3pm service -- and it was very special and good, and also very cold. 

This country church was built overlooking Whitewater Lake in southeastern Wisconsin in the 1840's by Norwegian immigrants and to this day it still has no electricity and no heat of any kind (hardy people, them Norwegians).

And yet there we were, close to one hundred people, gathered on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Jesus as the Sun was getting low and the oil lamps burned and we're all standing in this structure built one hundred and seventy years ago by people buried in the graveyards outside, surrounding the church. 

Wow -- one of those rare moments that connect you to many things and thoughts in your   heart, mind and soul.

 It has been very cold and snowy in the area lately and it was really something to see everyone's breath as we spoke the verses and sang the songs. Upon exiting after the service Art noted how cold the Church was and said he was surprised because he always thought Norwegians ran a little bit hotter, and the people around him got a chuckle out of it.

                   Yes, the organ works and was being played throughout the service

Arthur rotates his churches in the warm months between the Presbyterian, Lutheran and Baptist churches in his area. But once the cows are in the barn it's much harder for him to get away so his Sunday church visits are put on hold for the Winter.

He didn't figure on being able to make it to Christmas church this year and was feeling pretty down about it, but then the idea of picking him up and taking him to the Heart Prairie Church came up. We were able to make the trip happen and it made for a very special Christmas celebration on many levels, and it is especially fun to bring a glimpse of this old time country church to all of you through the blog.

Wrap up
With full-on Winter here now Art's workload shifts and things get harder as the cows are in the barn for the Winter and need tending. Added to the mix is running the barn cleaner every week to move all the manure from behind the cows to the manure spreader waiting outside, which is hooked up to the spreader tractor, the 1951 Farmall M.  Then Art has to mount up, start the tractor and haul the manure out onto one of the fields and spread it. Pics on those moments sometime later, it's quite a dance, and I will keep everyone posted overall on him as the Winter progresses -- fingers crossed for him as another cold, hard season plays out.


All for now -- hope everyone's Christmas and New Year's celebrations are the absolute  best!

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