Monday, January 6, 2014

The list grows

The Story
Recent weeks have seen more PBS markets across the country ask that the HDCam Close-Captioned Master of the latest episode stop  by their shop so they can make a copy for air, and then pass it on.

Following is the updated list:

PBS Markets penetrated so far

Forty one national PBS markets gained with another twelve markets viewing screeners for consideration of air.

HDCam Closed-Captioned Master recorded for air:

Chicago WYCC Channel 20

Milwaukee WMVS/WMVT Channels 10 & 36

Minneapolis Twin Cities Public Television/TPT

WILL-TV    Illinois Public Broadcasting      Urbana, Illinois 

WTVP-TV  Public Media for Central Illinois   Peoria, Illinois

Iowa Public Television (nine total stations in their statewide network)

Kansas City Public Television

Oklahoma Public Television (four total stations in their statewide network)

Denver Pubic Television

Seattle Public Television

Western Michigan PBS WGVU

North Carolina PBS UNC-TV

Florida PBS stations: WEDU/Tampa, WGCU/Fort Myers, WEFS/Cocoa, WLRN/Miami  WDSC/Daytona 

Prairie Public Broadcasting   Fargo, North Dakota (nine total stations in their network)

PBS Stations on Waiting List for Master:

South Carolina ETV Columbia, SC

KLRU Austin, Texas

ThinkTV Dayton, Ohio

PBS Cincinnati 

PBS Stations Viewing Screeners for Consideration of Air: 

KIXE Redding, California PBS

KVCR San Bernadino, California PBS

WETA Washington DC

New Orleans PBS WLAE/WYES 

Oregon/Portland PBS

Idaho PBS

Pennsylvania/Bethlehem PBS 

Virginia/Richmond PBS

Nashville PBS

Georgia PBS

New Hampshire PBS

Cleveland PBS