Wednesday, March 5, 2014

           Old Barns Show On The Road

  The Story
 One of the many fun things that have spun out of producing the American Barn Stories programs is the opportunity to do presentations of the shows to groups. Last Friday 2/28/14 I was at the Del Webb Sun City Community in Huntley, Illinois for a 10am presentation and it was really very nice -- it's a beautiful community.

 They asked me to show the second program, which includes an Illinois old barn story about a Lake County couple who raises Alpacas in the barn they saved for re-use.

The presentation is always a hit and a lot of fun for everyone, and it continues to be amazing for me to see how many people have such a passionate place in their hearts and souls for our old barns. 

A lot of old barn related stories come out of the give-and-take conversation with the audience and people really appreciate the chance to gather and talk about the subject.

After greeting the crowd for a bit I demonstrate the cameras used to shoot the footage for the shows.

Then we watch the show,  which runs 26:46, and I come back up afterwards and get the old barns conversation started, and it's always a very animated and lively discussion.
The time goes quickly and as we are wrapping up and people are putting on their coats,   there's always a few who come up to tell their own old barn stories and talk a bit, and 
it's really great.

 By the end we have gathered to talk about our old barns and re-live moments and memories that seem so much sweeter than our times are now and it is a very good thing. 
And then everyone goes back out into our current World, warmed by the look back at where we're all from, and feeling refreshed by it.

It's a great presentation and if you want more information on it for your own group go to the website at  American Barn Stories  and click on 'The Presentation' tab. Or, just click HERE to go directly to it.

Past the time that food stores started taking hold in the 1920's and 1930's, our original farms and barns were supplying people with foods right from the farm, and some still do.

And that's what so many people still remember and long for, as well as the added new energy of younger people who want the same.

But now, we have to fight for the right to buy milk right from the cow, directly from the dairy farmer of our choice; and that's added to the other governmental encroachments into our personal human food supply.

That just ain't right.

As humans borne upon this planet we have the right to eat and drink the foods we want and no government has the right to interfere with that.

Check out this recent seeming victory for a Michigan hog farmer after two years of heavy handed treatment from the Michigan DNR. The details of the Michigan DNR handling of the case are absolutely amazing and very disconcerting that a government agency would behave in such a manner:   Baker's Acres farm story

But wait, it's not over!

Witness the bizarre behavior of Michigan Assistant Attorney General Harold Martin as the case continues. Here's a Youtube link of him confronting farmer Baker and the crowd in court just before the next proceeding is about to start and it is bizarre, nasty, uncalled for and very unprofessional: Bakers Acres More

Little by little the bureaucrats are finding out that we can now easily find out what they're up to. They don't choose transparency, it is forced upon them as the people now have the power to track what they're doing and put it out there -- and they don't like it.

But we sure do.

In another case, with the farmer winning, take a look at a Wisconsin raw milk case from not long ago where the jury sided with us, the people: Amish Farmer Wins In Court!

There are more stories out there, and a best bet is to stay in touch with David Gumpert's site on it all at The Complete Patient

Here is the Mission statement from his website:
"This site's mission is to provide news and analysis about food rights and raw milk. Increasingly, our access to privately available food is under attack by government and industry forces that seek to impose their choices on us. The Complete Patient seeks to provide up-to-date information and encourage the development of community to maintain traditional food acquisition options."

David is a very good writer and immerses himself in the activities of all things food rights and brings the stories back to us. He's a very good point person and source of information on who is doing what in that arena.

Sum up
In the meantime, those of us interested in preserving our human food rights have the duty to make our voices heard -- this is not a small deal. 

Support the local farms in your area that are trying hard to survive and feed us and know that we are in a battle to wrest our most basic human food rights back from the government we elected. They just plain seem to have it out for our small family farmers for malevolent, hard to understand  reasons.

Wow -- what a World.

More later