Monday, March 17, 2014

                   Ice Boats ...what?!?

Ice boats were the fastest thing on the face of the planet back in the late 1800's. Here's some footage from yesterday and earlier seasons shot on Geneva Lake, Wisconsin as the ice boats come and go amidst the overall celebration of being out in the Winter weather on a beautiful frozen Wisconsin lake.

Here's the Youtube link to a few minutes of action  Ice Boats!

But where are the barns?
The connection to our old barns are the many that still stand and surround this Geneva Lake area from their glory days, with the twin barns of Edward Ayers below being a great example of such.

He built one barn  for each of his twin daughters back around 1900 in the days when the prominent wealthy used their farms to gain bragging rights and show off their wealth. 

He had made millions selling railroad ties to the railroads as that network developed and pushed West.

Those days are long gone now but a few of the old 'prairie schooners' remain from back then.

Their metal roofs have kept them standing so far, but their days are numbered as the years continue to take their toll.

They are located on County Highway B just east of Walworth, Wisconsin in the southeastern part of the state near Milwaukee.

More later and a Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all!