Thursday, March 27, 2014

                   Love Your Library!

I had the pleasure of bringing the latest old barns show to the McHenry, Illinois Public Library last week. There was a very nice crowd of 50 or so with many conversations of old barns and related stories going on in the midst of it all.

As always, it was a great give-and-take conversation with people on the subject of our old barns, so many people have such an emotional attachment to them.  

58 people pre-registered for the old barns event and the Library said that's a really good,   above average number.

Any community is lucky to have a strong and vital library. 

McHenry, Illinois is no different and the programs their library brings to patrons are fulfilling on many levels,

Here's a link to them  McHenry Public Library

The library space has been crafted within an old warehouse in recent years. It is very much up and running, looks fantastic and is a very active, comfortable and happening space and place.

The Presentation
It was a nice group with one farm couple in the mix who does beef. That camera on my shoulder is over 30 years old and is part of the story.

                   And the newer digital camera below is also a big part of the story

In the camera world we're switching from recording on tape to recording on digital media like the Panasonic P2 card I'm showing to the crowd below --- no moving parts -- it's amazing -- and it's also 400 bucks!

It was a really nice evening with the McHenry Public Library patrons and I look forward to bringing more old barns shows to them.

 Good news on distributing the latest 'American Barn Stories' show. After the past twelve months of 'bicycling' the Master of the show to PBS stations around the country one at a time, (and doing pretty well at it with 45 markets gained), the program is about to be up-linked to satellite through New Mexico PBS which will make it available to all PBS stations around the country through their Westlink uplink service. 

In the PBS world that feed happens on Wednesday, April 9 from 1230-1300 ET on channel HD04.

Here's a link to New Mexico PBS  New Mexico PBS  

And here's a link to their uplink service if you want to explore it  Westlink  

More Otherwise 
Talked with Art the Farmer tonight and he sounds OK/good -- will update the details later. 

The best part is he's planning for this coming warm season, and has plans for next Winter to prevent frozen pipes again etc. -- he really is amazing and buoyant in the face of it all.

He has a degree from Penn State in 1957 in Ag Science and is a very intelligent person and fun to talk to on all levels.

And the Joe Paterno stuff will bug him forever. "Aw, Tom, they killed him with it...and it wasn't his fault".
All I know is, as it stands right now, I get to go bale more hay with him this Summer '14, and I love it and will bring it to you.

And in  the meantime I'm telling him people want to see him living his life and he's not only into the production of it all, he's excellent at helping it all get down the road.

What fun -- more later on it from the true Heartland.

In the meantime, many other good things percolating on it all -- stay tuned, and like always, thanks for clicking in!

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