Thursday, October 17, 2013

It seems only right to get things started by showing people who is behind all of this. This is maybe my favorite pic of me and Art the Farmer -- it was snapped after some hot Summer haying a few seasons back. I met Arthur in 2000 while starting work on the old barns TV series and we've been friends ever since. Over time I've become one of the handful of volunteers who help him with some of the seasonal chores like haying year to year and it feels really good to get up to his farm 32 miles away and pitch in. Details on all of that will follow and follow and follow as the blog goes on, but at the moment you're looking at the two main energy sources that make this blog happen. I'm the Producer guy and Art and his Jersey cows are a big part of the big picture, and it's a great story.

As time passes I'll post on things related to the progress of the old barns series well as the honing of the T-shirt shop via Spreadshirt  I'm starting with Spreadshirt to fulfill orders because they seem to be a pretty good platform to start with. Their prices are higher than I would like, but it's a start -- let's see where it goes. It's great that there are companies who can do this for people like me who have content to bring to people that those people want. Feel free to pass along any comments on the shop as your inputs will help it take shape.

I know people want to see this old barns content because I do personal presentations of the shows to libraries and other groups and the response is absolutely amazing. These nice folks below were at the Graham Public Library in Union Grove, Wisconsin at 6pm Wednesday two weeks ago to watch the latest show and participate in my bit and it was a perfect evening -- nice people, and it felt really good for everyone.

 So many people love our old barns that it has become a mission for me to continue capturing as many old barn stories as possible to bring them to people everywhere. The newest/third show is just getting out there on various PBS stations around the country
so keep an eye out for it in your area, and if it's not on your local PBS station schedule, call them and ask for it! As I become aware of air dates I'll pass them along. 

As able I will extend the reach of the show to bring old barns stories from around the country to everyone.  The magic of social media opens up the network of contact to help make it all possible so stay tuned and let's enjoy the ride and count on me to just keep pushing on it -- and your help and inputs along the way will be greatly appreciated!

More later on it all --- wish you all the old barns best,

        Tom Laughlin/Kovia Productions
          Geneva Township, Wisconsin