Friday, October 18, 2013

I have been spending some time trying to figure out how to allow for Followers on the new blog and it just isn't as straight forward as I would like. Won't bore you with the details, just know that I am working on it and will put the word out when that happens. Then if you follow, the new posts will just come to you automatically. As it is, I moved up to Google+ and they have some kind of wacky system called Circles. I don't have a handle on it yet, but if you click in to that area it might be a way for you to link to the site. More time will tell.

I'm also working to get the 'Comments' part working and it seems as if it is. The challenge I have is that it seems as if viewers have to click at the very bottom of the posts where it says either the number of Comments or, 'No Comments'. It's really tiny type and I would expect something larger so as to be more apparent to people.  Kind of not sure about it and this will take more time, too.

Again, I'm working on it and if anyone wants to try it out, feel free.

So what are all of YOU doing on this Friday night??? 

More later --- Tom  :-)